Monday, February 22, 2010

toast and gems

 this elegant little toast-rack will grace any breakfast table unobtrusively...
I have also used it to hold  large format european business cards and postcards...
early 20th century, found at an antique fair in the Bois de Vincennes;
12 x 7 x 8 cm high [+3 cm handle height]; no markings



an economically designed piece for displaying delicate pieces of jewellery, perhaps not of the most precious kind...but I can see it standing on the tiny vanity of a modest mademoiselle with a hard-earned collection of pretty bijoux...
19th century, found in Amsterdam at a dealer of french antiques;
base 9 cm diameter x 20.5 cm high;
cast iron weighted base is stamped on the underside:

 [I googled the company V.N. SIEGEL, PARIS stamped on this jewellery stand, and judging from the few items listed on ebay they seemed to have produced a range of items from oil lamps to more luxurious cane and umbrella stands listed on Christie's auction site!...I couldn't find any other information about the establishment, which I presume is now defunct - if anyone knows more about it, please do let me know...]