Tuesday, September 13, 2016

on a pedestal

These antique ceramic pedestal plates are some of my favourites to use for serving desserts, cheeses and fruits. They were found at various antique fairs and brocantes from different trips to France.

This first one has the name of the restaurant it was from (with the street address listed below), which does not exist anymore. There is a Café Bar Le Mouton Blanc in Paris on a different street and there is a Grand-Café Au Mouton Blanc in Maastricht, and I could find only one extant Rue de Flandre in Brussels. 

It measures 21 cm across and stands 5 cm high.
from the turn of the last century



This second piece is a little fancier with its gilt monogram in the center of the plate and gilt edgings that have partially worn off. 
It measures 22 cm in diameter and stands at just 1.75 cm in height.

The maker's mark is mostly perceptible on the underside:


circa late 19th C.


This lovely octagonal shaped pedestal compotier is more elevated in height and decorated all over with an elegant dark pink transferware pattern of shells, corals and swirling delicate plants.

It stands at 12 cm high and measures 25 cm across.
There are letters stamped onto the base but only D G W are legible as well as two small stars.

circa late 19th C.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

les petites assiettes

[speaking of plates, mine has been rather full this summer, therefore have been a little distracted from posting regularly...but I will make more of an effort to continue on!]

PARIS 2e. - RIC 78-67"
[this restaurant is no longer at this address - if anyone remembers it from long ago, please do let me know...]
Limoges faience; mid-20th C.;
14 x 9.5 cm x 2 cm high

CAD/US$150/ Euros 120

detail of the mark on the base


12 franc saucer; early 20th C.;
11.5 cm in diameter x 2 cm high

CAD/US$100/Euros 80

not completely legible mark on base::


2 franc saucer;  early 20th C.;
12.5 cm in diameter x 2 cm high

CAD/US$100/Euros 80

detail of mark on base::

advertising saucer for sugar-coated almonds "DRAGEES PECOU" from "MONTAUBAN" in southwestern France
ceramic; mid-20th C.;
12 cm in diameter x 2 cm high
[mark on base:: "ARDUS"]

CAD/US$50/Euros 40

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

les petits cendriers

now here is something different! - a miniature bidet in the shape of a horse's head!...but really an ashtray - designed by Jean EFFEL for DUPONT...

mid-20th C.; ceramic
10 x 6 cm x 7 cm in height [base 5.5 x 4 cm]


signed "JEAN EFFEL" - a french painter, illustrator, caricaturist and journalist who was also known by his nom de plume François Lejeune [1908-1982]


43, Rue Vacon
Mid-20th C.; ceramic
10 x 9 cm x 1.5 cm in height
[no mark on base]
[two tiny chips off glaze on rim]



PARIS" around rim
"LW" in center
1980's [?]; ceramic
11.5 cm in diameter x 1.5 cm in height



Thursday, April 29, 2010

les cendriers drôles

these unusual advertising ashtrays were collected by Monsieur L because he found their forms amusing and relatively rare to come across...

ceramic; mid-20th C.
17-17.5 cm in diameter [top] x 10.5-11.5 cm in diameter [base]
x 4-7.5 cm in height

CAD/US$200/140 Euros

the round mark on the base indicates::

*PICON is an orange based apéritif liquor created by Gaetan PICON in 1837 in Marseille. It is a popular bitters for accompanying beer in the northern and eastern regions of France.


this adorable artichoke-shaped piece is the CYNAR brand of Italian digestif bitters concocted from artichoke and 13 other herbs [this after-dinner apéritif was created in 1952 and the brand has since been acquired by the CAMPARI group]
ceramic; mid-20th C.
6 cm in diameter [top] x 7 cm in diameter [base]
x 10 cm in height
[no marks on the base]

CAD/US$150/100 Euros

an elegant and classic cream and gold cendrier with a perfectly rendered lump of coal!
ceramic; mid-20th C., maybe earlier?;
found in the Marché Vernaison at the Saint-Ouen flea market, Paris
17 cm in diameter [top] x 8 cm in diameter [base]
x 5 cm in height

CAD/US$250/170 Euros

I have to presume that LES FILS CHARVET was a coal company somewhere in France!
[I have googled the name but haven't found much information so far, but I will do more research and post that later.]

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

les cendriers sans cendres

I just found a box of vintage ceramic ashtrays that I had forgotten about!
I don't smoke and have no use for these items as their original function, but once in a while at a brocante I would pick one up that appealed to me aesthetically, and so would Monsieur L... 
Over the years they have added up to a small collection of under-appreciated accoutrements, but I do still find them very charming and very french!... and cleaned up, they can be used to hold small trinkets and trifles instead...

Au Coeur de la Bourgogne"
mid-20th C.
13 x 13 x 2.5 cm [h] 

CAD/US$100/70 Euros

Maison MORIN Père et Fils was established in 1822 in Nuits-Saint-Georges, in the heart of Burgundy, and is renowned for its Marc de Bourgogne.


Pernod Fils"
mid-20th C.; found at the Chatou brocante fair
15 cm diameter x 1.5 cm [h]

CAD/US$150/100 Euros

[the mark on the base is somewhat worn off, but I can make out "...Malesherbes PARIS (8e)"]
PERNOD Fils was founded in 1805 and is the oldest brand of anise spirits in France.


mid-20th C.
13 x 15 cm x 2.5 cm [h]
CAD/US$200/140 Euros

The TOURING CLUB DE FRANCE was an association founded in 1890 in Neuilly-sur-Seine dedicated to tourism in France by developing and identifying more travel routes, bicycle paths, traffic signals, road signs, tourist facilities and campgrounds. It is no longer extant since 1983.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

faience blanche

this lovely white-glazed faience lidded bowl was found in a little antique store in Morges, Switzerland - there is no mark on the bottom and the dealer could not identify it as french or swiss, but assured me that it was 19th century...
15 x 12cm x 6cm h [bowl] / 15 x 13cm x 6cm h to top of fruit [lid]


the opening for a spoon to nestle in some home-made confiture or condiment or just plain sugar!

the lovely barbotine modelling of a rosehip or small quince and 3 leaves on the top of the lid...


this graceful swan bowl/vase was found by Monsieur L at the brocante market in Geneva - there is also no mark on it, but he believes it to be a 19th century "milieu de table" - part of a table centerpiece for displaying flowers...
16 x 8cm x 12cm h
[some tiny chips on the tail feathers] 


I should have put a small bouquet of spring flowers in it for these photos!

Monday, February 22, 2010

toast and gems

 this elegant little toast-rack will grace any breakfast table unobtrusively...
I have also used it to hold  large format european business cards and postcards...
early 20th century, found at an antique fair in the Bois de Vincennes;
12 x 7 x 8 cm high [+3 cm handle height]; no markings



an economically designed piece for displaying delicate pieces of jewellery, perhaps not of the most precious kind...but I can see it standing on the tiny vanity of a modest mademoiselle with a hard-earned collection of pretty bijoux...
19th century, found in Amsterdam at a dealer of french antiques;
base 9 cm diameter x 20.5 cm high;
cast iron weighted base is stamped on the underside:

 [I googled the company V.N. SIEGEL, PARIS stamped on this jewellery stand, and judging from the few items listed on ebay they seemed to have produced a range of items from oil lamps to more luxurious cane and umbrella stands listed on Christie's auction site!...I couldn't find any other information about the establishment, which I presume is now defunct - if anyone knows more about it, please do let me know...]