Tuesday, September 13, 2016

on a pedestal

These antique ceramic pedestal plates are some of my favourites to use for serving desserts, cheeses and fruits. They were found at various antique fairs and brocantes from different trips to France.

This first one has the name of the restaurant it was from (with the street address listed below), which does not exist anymore. There is a Café Bar Le Mouton Blanc in Paris on a different street and there is a Grand-Café Au Mouton Blanc in Maastricht, and I could find only one extant Rue de Flandre in Brussels. 

It measures 21 cm across and stands 5 cm high.
from the turn of the last century



This second piece is a little fancier with its gilt monogram in the center of the plate and gilt edgings that have partially worn off. 
It measures 22 cm in diameter and stands at just 1.75 cm in height.

The maker's mark is mostly perceptible on the underside:


circa late 19th C.


This lovely octagonal shaped pedestal compotier is more elevated in height and decorated all over with an elegant dark pink transferware pattern of shells, corals and swirling delicate plants.

It stands at 12 cm high and measures 25 cm across.
There are letters stamped onto the base but only D G W are legible as well as two small stars.

circa late 19th C.