Wednesday, March 24, 2010

faience blanche

this lovely white-glazed faience lidded bowl was found in a little antique store in Morges, Switzerland - there is no mark on the bottom and the dealer could not identify it as french or swiss, but assured me that it was 19th century...
15 x 12cm x 6cm h [bowl] / 15 x 13cm x 6cm h to top of fruit [lid]


the opening for a spoon to nestle in some home-made confiture or condiment or just plain sugar!

the lovely barbotine modelling of a rosehip or small quince and 3 leaves on the top of the lid...


this graceful swan bowl/vase was found by Monsieur L at the brocante market in Geneva - there is also no mark on it, but he believes it to be a 19th century "milieu de table" - part of a table centerpiece for displaying flowers...
16 x 8cm x 12cm h
[some tiny chips on the tail feathers] 


I should have put a small bouquet of spring flowers in it for these photos!

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