Thursday, April 29, 2010

les cendriers drôles

these unusual advertising ashtrays were collected by Monsieur L because he found their forms amusing and relatively rare to come across...

ceramic; mid-20th C.
17-17.5 cm in diameter [top] x 10.5-11.5 cm in diameter [base]
x 4-7.5 cm in height

CAD/US$200/140 Euros

the round mark on the base indicates::

*PICON is an orange based apéritif liquor created by Gaetan PICON in 1837 in Marseille. It is a popular bitters for accompanying beer in the northern and eastern regions of France.


this adorable artichoke-shaped piece is the CYNAR brand of Italian digestif bitters concocted from artichoke and 13 other herbs [this after-dinner apéritif was created in 1952 and the brand has since been acquired by the CAMPARI group]
ceramic; mid-20th C.
6 cm in diameter [top] x 7 cm in diameter [base]
x 10 cm in height
[no marks on the base]

CAD/US$150/100 Euros

an elegant and classic cream and gold cendrier with a perfectly rendered lump of coal!
ceramic; mid-20th C., maybe earlier?;
found in the Marché Vernaison at the Saint-Ouen flea market, Paris
17 cm in diameter [top] x 8 cm in diameter [base]
x 5 cm in height

CAD/US$250/170 Euros

I have to presume that LES FILS CHARVET was a coal company somewhere in France!
[I have googled the name but haven't found much information so far, but I will do more research and post that later.]

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