Wednesday, September 16, 2009

les boîtes en bois

wood box for holding a dozen small bottles of perfumed hair oil [but found without the bottles];
wire hinges attaching the lid at the back;
side and bottom panels are joined with tiny metal nails;
metal hook clasp in the front;
repairs to a crack in the lid;
circa 1900, found at an antique fair in the Bois de Vincennes in Paris;
[24.5 x 21 cm wide x 5.5 cm high]


very lovely paper label glued to the inside of the lid
[the box is unlined]


"CHOCOLAT LOMBART"* box [but chocolates long gone!]
wire hinges attach the lid to the back of the box;
side and bottom panels joined with tiny metal nails;
metal wire clasp on the front of the lid;
19th century, found at a brocante fair in Paris;
[30 x 20.5 cm wide x 9 cm high]


[the words on the bottom halves of the ovals are not quite legible]"
stamped on the top of the lid

paper label glued onto the inside of the lid
[the box is unlined bare wood]

*CHOCOLAT LOMBART was established in Paris in 1760, as indicated on the label above, on the Boulevard des Italiens and only moved to Avenue de Choisy in 1860. It was taken over by Chocolat MENIER [I have a small metal box from this chocolate company as well] in 1957.


tiny wood box used for mailing something...
the address label handwritten in ink and attached to the top of the lid is now barely legible;
the Republique Français stamp glued to the front side panel is date-stamped JANV 99 [January 1899];
there are 4 blobs of red sealing wax [with partial monograms], one on each of the side panels;
the lid is attached to the box with metal hinges on the sides;
the side and bottom panels are joined with tiny metal nails;
shapely closing metal clasp on the front;
found with a collection of saint medallions inside, but I don't remember from which village brocante we were at
[7.5 x 5.5 cm wide x 3 cm high]


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