Monday, September 28, 2009

oil paintings

These two semi-rustic oil paintings were found by Monsieur L - so they are more his taste than mine, and yet I have grown quite fond of them over the years!
The detail of the tiny fisherman in this painting reminds me of the time we drove past a solitary live one sitting patiently on his upside-down bucket on the banks of the Loire with his pristine old Citroen Deux-Chevaux parked close by beside him. It was such a classic french country moment that we stopped the car to take pictures of him - and he didn't seem to mind at all!

Untitled; signed "A. SARDET" and dated "FEVRIER 1914" [detail shot below]
Oil on canvas nailed around a wood stretcher;
50 x 32.5 cm
found at a brocante in Le Bourget [a suburb to the northeast of Paris]


*Re: "A. SARDET" - I have tried to find out more about this painter [including googling, of course!] but to no avail. If anyone out there has any information, please do let me know...


signed on the front but the name is indecipherable,
and on the label pasted on the back is a name "DON [?]Y" [detail shot below];
dated 1956
Oil on wood panel;
46.5 x 33 cm


*PYLA-SUR-MER is a seaside town known for its fine sand dunes [and pine trees, too, according to this painting!] located on the Bay of Arcachon in the Gironde region [on the Atlantic coast of France]

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